These are people with an extraordinary passion for Liberty that I think deserve your attention!

Dr, Russell Kirk an author of some thirty-two books, hundreds of periodical essays, and many short stories.  He has wrote and spoke on modern culture, political thought and practice, educational theory, literary criticism, ethical questions, and social themes. He addressed audiences on hundreds of American campuses and appeared often on television and radio.  Kirk has been in the thick of the intellectual controversies for more than Forty years…

“A poor man, if he has dignity, honesty, the respect of his reighbors, a realization of his duties, a love of the wisdom of his ancestors, and possibly some taste for knowledge or beauty, is rich in the unbought grace of life” … Russell Kirk

Kirk’s paper on the Ten Conservative Principles can be found here:

KrisAnne Hall is a brilliant constitutional attorney, who likes to say that she is an anomaly because she really understands the Constitution whereas most people who call themselves constitutional attorneys don’t!  KrisAnne has a teaching method that is superb across generations!  She is as welcome in senior citizen groups as she is welcome in high-school and middle-school groups and everywhere in between.

We can all learn from KrisAnne about our wonderful country, the history of its founding principles and how these principles should  be applied to today’s most pressing challenges. KrisAnne Hall Liberty First

This man, Frank Marshall, has a wonderful website that I would like share. Specifically, he has posted something called Politics: Thinking Out Loud that first caught my eye:

Then I looked at his home page and I am even more impressed. I hope you check him out!

Another great thinker that I would like listed is Ann Corcoran and her blog is called Refugee Resettlement Watch. I hope you take time to read her articles on this very important topic.

I must include my friend Pete Hendrickson on the list. He is the author of “Cracking the Code”. He spends his life teaching the common misunderstandings of the U.S. tax code and we can use what we learn to regain economic freedom and secure our personal liberties.

Please learn more at Lost Horizons.

Shane Trejo, State Director for Michigan’s Tenth Amendment Center, is truly our hope for the future. Young, energetic, brilliant and brave are the adjectives that best describe Shane Trejo.  I marvel at his ability to construct a sentence, an article, an action plan and a movement.  With his rare and special gifts of communication and motivation, I would not be surprised to find that he becomes the President of the United States in 2045, if we can keep the American Republic until then.  Thank you Shane for all you do for the people of Michigan.
Read his insightful articles at the Pontiac Tribune