Maybe it is time that we start considering a new category for special rights.
by Janice Daniels January 18, 2017 at 11:32am

In this day and age of the hugely successful and growing grievance industry clamoring for equality in everything, maybe it is time that we start considering “equality in effort” as a criteria for special rights for some one group or another.

Let’s take, for example, the average builder.

According to statistics shown on Pay Scale, one of many subject-related websites, the average entry-level builder earns approximately $15.10 per hour.

So that dollar amount satisfies the specious grievance of earning a “living wage.”

However, that same website indicates that “men make up the majority of builders in the United States.”

That fact might present a problem for the feminists among us, but on the other hand, statistics seem to indicate that men are more likely to commit crimes than women are, so it might be worth taking a little grief over this “gender inequality” issue.

Under Pay Scale’s job description category, it is noted that a builder “does not typically require traditional schooling, but leans more towards on-the-job training,” so the expensive college education that the grievance industry demands “for all” is not necessarily necessary “for one” to succeed.

Additionally, there is a direct mobility path to careers in construction management for the average builder with a good work ethic and a goal-oriented mindset.

It is less than ground-breaking news to suggest that the average builder contributes more to a society than, say, the average person seen in the multitude of daily news stories who is jumping on the hood of a police car or throwing chairs and other heavy objects through the windows of other relatively successful entrepreneurs, who have built businesses in industries such as retail stores, bakeries, banks and more, many of which don’t require a college education either.

So there are actually real-life options that don’t require taking anything from anyone to achieve the American Dream.

Maybe, if all of the effort that is required to destroy things was redirected to building things, we might do our part to help “Make America Great Again” and be able to concurrently take down the grievance industry, once and for all, while we are at it.

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