Constitutional Compliance



We the People of the State of Michigan have long been required to be tested and licensed and forced to purchase numerous certifications and verifications of our ability to hold various and many employment positions. Our hair stylists have to be licensed, our mortgage brokers must go though an unending amount of compliance paperwork, tests, certifications, finger printing, criminal background checks and they must provide a 10 year employment history and purchase a surety bond in order to simply provide mortgage services to the general public. Our medical professionals go through a rigorous amount of training, compliance and licensure with ongoing continuing education requirements for many of these professional positions.

Therefore, We the People believe in 2011 and beyond that all officers (legislative, executive and judicial at both the State and National level) shall have a similar level of scrutiny, testing, bonding and licensing requirements for verification of their ability to perform the duties of their elected offices or public trust before placing their names on a ballot for election or before consideration for appointment or otherwise to an office where they are required to take an oath to the State and/or National Constitution. In the case of peace officers, the additional constitution specific educational requirement would be part of their academy training and ongoing education—and the requirement for constitutional compliance training will increase as they move up in rank.

Whereas these individuals are to be given the fiduciary responsibility of determining how we as a constitutionally limited Republic will function within constitutional strictures, We the People are of the mind that all persons who seek an elective or public government office shall first pass a test on the Constitution of the United States and of the State Constitution and subsequently apply for and be issued a license. This new compliance mechanism will be designed, administered and evaluated by private sector organizations such as the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and/or Hillsdale College.

Let it be agreed that there will be a 25 person Citizens Panel comprised of randomly selected legal citizens of the State of Michigan who are not in any way benefiting from government subsidies or transfer payments that will be empowered to hear the merits of constitutional compliance complaints brought to the designated private sector organizations through the process hereafter established. The concept of randomness will be based upon the true definition of random in that a set of potential citizen panelists with the requisite minimum requirement of being a legal resident of the State of Michigan will be given the exact same opportunity to be chosen to represent the people’s case against the government representative without any other manufactured process of elimination. Each occurrence of constitutional malfeasance will require the convening of a new group of 25 citizen panelists. Elected officials found guilty of violating their fiduciary responsibility to govern within constitutional strictures by this Citizens Panel will be forced to abandon their office immediately without pay or pension. More severe violations which may bring heavier penalties are to be determined by a vote of the people.

In accordance with the implementation of this process, persons who are currently serving in elective office will be exempt from these requirements until and unless they choose to run for re election to the same office or for election to another office; however they will be subject to a yearly compliance review set up by the so chosen private sector organization compliance committee and shall be required to immediately take classes and tests to increase their rudimentary knowledge of our constitutional government. There will be no government involvement in this process, nor will the government have any right to seek waiver or to redefine the rules set up for this educational requirement. However, We the People shall grant an honorary exemption to the men and women who serve our country while in a military capacity due to the dangerous path that they have chosen to serve the United States of America. Once they decide to enter into public office after their military service they will be bound to the same sets of above described compliance mechanisms.

This Public Act is to be voted upon immediately without review and with a full vote of the State legislators so that we can determine which of our existing legislators are for and which are against our constitutional form of government.