The talk show host is considering a run for a Senate seat in Virginia, and I love it!
by Janice Daniels January 19, 2017 at 1:31pm

I have been waiting for 20 years for one of the elite nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show hosts to step up to the plate and run for a political office.

This is not a joke.

Now Laura Ingraham is considering a run for a Senate seat in Virginia, and I love it!

As a talk radio devotee, I sincerely believe that some of the greatest thinkers of our time can be heard on nationally syndicated conservative radio talk shows, and there is no doubt Ingraham is one of the best.

Think about it.

Can you name anyone smarter than Dennis Prager?

More constitutionally sound in his or her thinking than Mark Levin?

Or more articulate, brave and politically savvy than Laura Ingraham?

To compliment these attractive character qualities, Ingraham has a sound resume, including a University of Virginia Law School juris doctorate degree, experience as a law clerk for the Supreme Court and time spent as a speechwriter for former President Ronald Reagan.

Ingraham is the founder and editor of the news site LifeZette while also hosting a popular weekday three-hour radio show, which is no small feat in and of itself.

I call that kind of life experience meat and potatoes, as compared to the mush that her Democratic opponent, the failed vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine, offers — a lifetime of touting every ordinance, amendment, bill and BS that a career politician considers a resume-enhancer, as if he ever really did anything.

Many of my friends and I will go out of our way, even from Michigan, to help Ingraham win that Virginia Senate seat, if she indeed throws her hat in the ring.

The time has come for elite conservatives, especially radio talk show hosts, to step up, fill the intellectual void in our political class, and rid us of those lifetime politicians who live like some kind of barnacles in that swamp called Washington, D.C.

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