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Janice Daniels

“Don’t be caught in the neutral zone where nothing helpful is said, and no good actions are taken! The Non-Neutral Zone is the place to be seen and heard!”













Janice Daniels calls herself a natural born conservative who grew up in a union-democrat large family. She never could quite understand why people’s wages should be equalized by a forced union pay scale, rather than varied according to skill, talent, ability, drive and motivation.

As a middle child of seven, Janice has standard “middle child” attributes: The ability to look at issues from all sides, and the inclination to be an extrovert.

“A very good article on the middle child syndrome, which debunks the negative standard theory of middle children, can be found at https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/field-guide-families/201210/the-secret-powers-middle-children.” Janice continues, “The article confirms what I believe to be true in that middle children are made strong by adversity, we are made independent by neglect and we care more about principles and concepts, like justice over earning power or prestige.”

Janice Daniels was elected mayor of Troy, Michigan in 2011. Her time in office was cut short by a vicious smear campaign perpetrated by what she refers to as “the cruel minions of the tolerance crowd.” She continues to stand for traditional marriage between one man and one woman (the biblically sound, historically practiced and scientifically supported union capable of producing “Godly offspring” Malachi 2:15). In her short tenure, Janice consistently voted the way she campaigned, and she celebrated the private sector over the public sector, which of course brought the ire of the big government lovers in the State of Michigan, both democrat and Republican.

With this peek into the window of small-town tyranny, Janice is emboldened to continue to find ways to promote Christianity, constitutionalism, conservatism and common sense by writing and speaking about the values of holding our elected public servants accountable to their Oaths of Office, their campaign promises, their words, their deeds and their votes. Janice can be heard every Saturday morning as a co-host of ART of Michigan from 7 am to 8 am on WAAM Talk 1600 found at www.waamradio.com and is presently on a speaking tour around the state of Michigan with her project called Constituent Guidelines for Effective Constitutional Government. Join the NON-NEUTRAL ZONE movement!

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