Michigan’s 7th District State Senator Patrick Colbeck ~ Free Market Advocate.  

The Southeast Chapter of Michigan Conservative Union held a robust meeting on Tuesday, January 10, 2016 in Troy, Michigan, in spite of the bad weather!!

We were so pleased to be able to listen to and talk with Michigan’s Most Conservative State Senator, the honorable Senator Patrick Colbeck, representing Michigan’s State District 7.

Senator Colbeck gave us a thought provoking presentation that revolved around free market options that would actually limit the size and scope of government, free market options that would actually lower our tax burden, and free market options that would actually fix our roads, properly fund our schools and bring health care back to the doctor/patient relationship that is so important to a healthy community.

Senator Colbeck was so impressive, and so willing to take our questions and provide logical, honest, direct answers to those questions, that we continued talking with Senator Colbeck for the entire three hour meeting.

Senator Colbeck has achieved a new high standard for public officials that is beyond refreshing – it needs to be replicated by all of our public servants.

Many, if not all, of the MCU-SE board members will support Senator Colbeck in any and all of his future political endeavors.

Thank you so much for attending this great meeting and thank you, Senator Colbeck, for your service to the great State of Michigan!!

Best wishes to all.  Please look for details on our upcoming Valentine’s Day February 14th meeting and pray for Spring!

The MCU-SE Team