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The talk show host is considering a run for a Senate seat in Virginia, and I love it! by Janice Daniels January 19, 2017 at 1:31pm I have been waiting for 20 years for one of the elite nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show hosts to step up to the plate...

Janice Daniels Reviews and Comments  on Michigan SB 306: Authorize joining multi-state “Compact for a Balanced Budget”

Image: senate.michigan.gov

Read a citizens review of this bill.

This website was created to share my thoughts, concerns and what I am up to with fellow patriots. So, come on in. Let’s debate ideas, learn from each other and develop plans of action!

“God knows our situation; He will not judge us as if we had no difficulties to overcome. What matters is the sincerity and perseverance of our will to overcome them.”~C.S.Lewis

This project has given me the increased understanding of how our public servants are violating their Oaths of Office at every turn, on every vote, with every new and ridiculous piece of legislation that they write and/or vote in favor of.

People who want to find a way to hold our public servants accountable to their Oaths of Office, their voting records, their actions, words, deed and campaign promises need only come in to the Non Neutral Zone and poke around for the FUNdementals of it all!

“In the realm of politics, you can set priorities and order your own life, or you can have your life ordered for you by lesser men.”~Janice Daniels

Listen to my 2 minute warnings. Challenge my ideas if you can, but keep your smary personal attacks to yourself, worm tongue!

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“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.” ~Albert Einstein

“Great Thinkers”

This is my list of “Great Thinkers” that I have found to have something unique &/or interesting to say. Some you may have heard of, while others will be new to you. Enjoy!

 “Working together to reaffirm Christian, conservative, constitutional values we will save our souls, if not our country”~Janice Daniels

  • It is imperative that we study the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God so we have a good grasp of reality.
  • It is imperative that we challenge the status quo, because the hearts of men are easily corrupted, and if left to their own devices, some men would deceive you. Stay Vigilant!
  • Never give up – I would rather die standing up to tyranny, then kneel to any tyrant.

You can learn more about me by reading my Janice Daniels bio.You don’t have to agree with me, but state your argument with clarity and references. That’s what I try to do in the Non-Neutral Zone.